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The Hotel Rigel: A ''Green'' Hotel in the heart of Catania

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Close to the most beautiful tourist resorts of eastern Sicily, right at the foot of the largest active volcano in Europe (Mt. Etna) lies the elegant and famous city of Catania. In this unique city, rich in art and culture, you can discover Catania's historical centre, an authentic jewel of Sicilian Baroque architecture. Catania is also a great starting point when visiting this part of Sicily as you can go on many wonderful excursions to famous nearby resort towns such as Acitrezza, Caltagirone, Taormina, Siracusa or else to Mt. Etna and its surrounding towns in the valley.

The Hotel Rigel (3 stars),owned by the Zingale family, has recently celebrated its grand re-opening. The hotel is located very near the historical centre of Catania, in a beautiful turn-of-the-century building. This 19th century building has undergone complete rennovation and has been enlarged in order to meet modern day standards and to guarantee its guests all the comforts they are looking for when away. All the rooms are sound-proof, large and beautifully furnished with air-conditioning. The rooms also include free wireless internet connection, telephones, wake-up call services, a mini-bar and safes. The hotel also features lifts, meeting rooms, a breakfast room and a Meditteranean garden complete with lush plants, ideal for reading and chatting. During the winter months the garden has a special covering which consents the guests to enjoy it while keeping warm. Special rooms for the disabled are also available.

The hotel is managed personally by the family who are always there to welcome their guests personally and ensuring all their needs are satisfied. The personnel speak four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
The Hotel Rigel is also ideal for those who desire to spend their holidays relaxing by the sea as it is located only 10 minutes away from the beach club. The Hotel usually hosts most local cultural events which are held in the heart of the area.

As mentioned in our opening, the owners of the hotel are highly conscientous of the environment and energy conservation, it is for this that the hotel is powered by solar panels both for its heating and hot water causing zero damage to the envoirnment. The Hotel Rigel has become the only building in Catania projected in this manner and due to its endevours in conservation, it has received many awards by national publications dedicated to renewable energy.

How to locate the hotel: the hotel is close to the historic centre and railroad station of Catania. It is also opposite the "Centro Fieristico 'Le Ciminiere'", just a 5-minute drive by car or the Fontanarossa International Airport shuttle.

Rigel Hotel - Viale della Libertà, 63 - Catania 
Tel. (+39) 095534911 
Fax (+39) 095534911 

28 novembre 2008
Contenuti Sponsorizzati
Nastro Carta 50x50 TESA TESA
Perizia calligrafica e/o grafologica a Caltanissetta
Senecio cadente H 72 - Sconti per Fioristi e Aziende
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